Forms of weather

  • Alpine AA, AA Visiting School, 2014
  • Architectural Association School of Architecture

The second Alpine AA continues to investigate the Alps, focussing on a fundamental, yet highly changeable component of life: water. Water, in its various material states within an intricate weather system, has great impact on the Alpine environment. By investigating Forms of Weather the workshop will look into weather phenomena, both the way in which it is formed at altitude, and how it forms the landscape.

The largest body of freshwater in the world – glaciers – are receding as an effect of global warming, leading to an increase in raging meltwater streams, avalanches and landslides that leave settlements exposed to great dangers. Paradoxically, advancing tourism has resulted in the growth of leisure infrastructures in remote Alpine regions.

The Alpine AA / Winter 2014 offers an immersive experience at high altitude. Learning from traditional ways of living in Alpine conditions, we will investigate spatial, architectural and cultural mechanisms affected by meteorology and weather phenomena. Using the narrative of water, we will follow its transformation at increasing altitudes to explore its qualities both as a human requisite and as a powerful force of nature.

Prof. P. Staub, T. Cheung, C. Martinez, L. Lenherr

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